Wednesday Why: For the World!

9 11 Wed Why

This is yet another reminder of Louisiana’s contribution to the nation and the world.  No, we’re not an island.  We are a people, an environment and industries that reach far beyond our coast.

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Wednesday Why: For Our Children

Sept 4 Wed WhyThank you Charlotte, from Gibson, LA, for reminding us that saving coastal Louisiana means saving our lives, livelihoods, communities, and much, much more for our children and generations to come.

Where we live, work and play is part of our identity. Sustaining our homes and our culture is dependent on saving our coast. Let’s preserve this beautiful way of life so that future generations can appreciate and understand how precious coastal Louisiana is!

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Wednesday Why: Because We Feed & Fuel Our Nation

8 28 13 Wed why

With Labor Day just around the corner, it’s important to remember that residents of the working coast of Louisiana work tirelessly to feed and fuel our nation.  From oil and natural gas to shipping to fishing to agriculture and numerous other industries, Louisiana proves itself as a critical part of our US economy. Let’s work together to ensure that we never find out how much our economy would be impacted if the Louisiana coast was no longer a working coast.

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Wednesday Why: Family Ties

8 21 13 Wed. Why

Let’s save coastal Louisiana to ensure that families and communities can continue to call our coastal communities home.

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Wednesday Why: Sustaining our Rural Communities

Wed. Why sustainable rural communities

We couldn’t agree more!  With restored and protected rural communities in coastal Louisiana, families will spend less time and resources, already limited commodities, on rebuilding their homes after hurricanes and be able to focus  more time building their livelihoods.

How can you help save coastal Louisiana and our coastal rural communities?  Educate others by sending us your why at

Wednesday Why: Because Our Birds Need Something to Land On

Wed. Why Birds

Millions of birds spend part or all of their life cycle in south Louisiana. Our barrier islands, headland beaches, forested wetlands and upland forests provide critical shelter and food sources for migratory birds, many of which are rare, threatened and endangered species.  Saving Coastal Louisiana isn’t just for the birds, either.  There are more than 2 million residents that consider Coastal Louisiana home and plenty of other places rely on the Louisiana coast for all that we provide to the nation.  

We must save Coastal Louisiana for the birds, for the people, for the irreplaceable culture and heritage and for the countless reasons too numerous to list here.   

Please add your voice to the hundreds of others who’ve added their voice to this project, by answering the question, “Why should we save coastal Louisiana?” Send your submission to today.

Wednesday Why: Savor the Flavor

Wed. Why Savor the Flavor

C’est Bon!  Protecting and restoring coastal Louisiana means protecting our rich heritage that has brought so many cultures, and their food traditions, together.

How can you help save coastal Louisiana and our traditions that so many around the world enjoy?  Educate others by sending us your why at