A Picture is worth 1,000 Reasons Why we should save coastal La.

Would you like to tell the world Why we should save coastal Louisiana

Bayou Grace's volunteer coordinator, Diane Huhn, photographs a young participant and her response.

Bayou Grace’s new photo project will let you do just that.  Bayou Grace kicked off a new photo project recently at the La Fete d’Ecologie, an annual one-day festival sponsored by the Barataria National Estuary Program.  The festival’s mission, to raise awareness of Louisiana’s disappearing wetlands, was the perfect setting for the commencement of Bayou Grace’s photo project, which aims to bring awareness about Louisiana’s most critical issue:   Coastal erosion, restoration and protection. 

Nearly 100 community members have participated in the project so far.  When asked to answer the question, “Why should we save coastal Louisiana?”, answers ranged from the obvious: “Because we live here!to the poignant: “Because we don’t want our homes to wash away”, to the urgent: “Because if the Gulf is not restored, we will be living on beachfront property in Northern Arkansas!

Bayou Grace’s ultimate goal is to educate the nation on the emergency that is coastal land loss and lead others to join us in advocating for what our communities need most:  protection and restoration. 

We should save coastal Louisiana because it is our home.

Check out our gallery of participants and their responses so far at  http://picasaweb.google.com/BayouGraceCS/WhyShouldWeSaveCoastalLouisiana#.  If you’d like to participate in this worthy project, simply write your answer to the question, “Why should we save coastal Louisiana?” and photograph yourself with your response.  Submit photos to diane@bayougrace.org and let us know why you think we should save coastal Louisiana.  Together, we can let the rest of the nation know why we must save coastal Louisiana before it’s too late.

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