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Wednesday Why: For Our Future Generations

“Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?”

The culture and heritage that is characteristic of coastal Louisiana is unparalleled and in danger of being lost forever. Let’s preserve this beautiful way of life so that future generations can appreciate and understand how precious coastal Louisiana is!

There are many reasons for wanting to save coastal Louisiana. What is your reason? To participate, send submissions to

Wednesday Why: We Gotta Clean Up Our Mess!

“Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?”

Coastal Louisiana is currently experiencing the highest rate of unnatural landloss in the world. And that’s happening because of human impacts! We created the problem, now let’s all work together to restore coastal Louisiana before it’s too late!!!!

That’s one reason to save coastal Louisiana. There are numerous others. What is your reason for saving coastal Louisiana? To participate in Bayou Grace’s photo project, send submissions to