Monthly Archives: January 2011

Wednesday Why: Louisiana is beautiful!

“Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?”

Marsh lands. Swamps. Bayous. Barrier Islands. Cypress Tress. Alligators. Estuaries. Seafood. Wildflowers. Beautiful birds. Phenomenal sunsets. Unparalleled Culture and Heritage.

Louisiana is beautiful. Let’s save coastal Louisiana to preserve it’s beauty.

What’s your reason? Send your submission to And, don’t forget to check out the other submissions at Bayou Grace’s photo gallery.

Calling All Potential Local Volunteer Leaders

Bayou Grace is always on the lookout for local residents interested in volunteering their time and talents to create positive change in our beloved 5 bayou communities. If that sounds like you or someone you know, let us know as we’ve  got a great opportunity to partner with Hands On New Orleans for a Volunteer Leader training on Friday, January 28th from 1-6 pm. If you are interested in participating in this unique opportunity, feel free to contact us at 985.594.5350.

Thank you and we are excited to hear from you!