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Wednesday Why: Enough said!

Shouldn’t this give you enough reasons to save coastal Louisiana?

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Wednesday Why: Because It’s Home

Almost two million people call Louisiana’s coastline home. That’s nearly 47% of Louisiana’s overall population! The many customs, culture and other things that Coastal Louisiana has to over are in jeopardy of being lost forever because of landloss. Every 30-38 minutes, a football field of land is being lost which means it gets closer and closer to people’s homes.

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Community and Government Networking to Promote Coastal Restoration through Collaboration

On July 6, a community forum aimed at bringing together parish leaders and local residents was held in Houma at the St. Francis de Sales Community Center.  The forum, hosted by  Coastal Communities Partnership of nonprofits, including Bayou Grace, BISCO, TRAC, and Oxfam America, was an opportunity for parish leaders to present information on plans as well as challenges for coastal restoration and protection.   Nic Matherne, director of Terrebonne Parish Department of Coastal Restoration and Protection, presented Restoring the Good Earth, which focused on educating attendees on land loss.  Mr. Matherne’s presentation also offered a comprehensive look at Terrebonne Parish’s plans for coastal restoration.  Terrebonne Parish Levee and Conservation District Director, Reggie Dupre, was also a forum presenter.  Mr. Dupre’s presentation provided an overview of the work the Levee and Conservation District has completed on the interim flood risk reduction project as the Levee District awaits federal involvement in the Morganza to the Gulf protection (levee) project. 

State Senator Norby Chabert welcomes participants to the July 6 forum.

The forum presented an important opportunity for representatives from area NGOs and other organizations as well as interested individuals to hear from area leaders on plans for and challenges to coastal restoration and protection for our area.  The forum was also an opportunity for an engaging dialogue between presenters and audience members.  Meeting organizers hope that the forum begins a collaborative process that ultimately results in holistic and timely restoration and protection for all of coastal Louisiana.

Click on the links below the view the presentations. 

Coastal Community Coalition Presentation by Reggie Dupre, Director of Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District

Restoring the Good Earth presentation by Nic Matherne, Director of Terrebonne Department of Coastal Restoration and Preservation

Wendesday Why: (We know it’s Thursday, but better late than……you know the rest) Future leaders of America’s Gulf

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“Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?”

The culture and heritage that is characteristic of coastal Louisiana is unparalleled and in danger of being lost forever. Let’s preserve this beautiful way of life so that future generations can appreciate and understand how precious coastal Louisiana is!

What’s your reason for saving coastal Louisiana? Remember there isn’t a wrong or right answer. Send your submission to  Who knows, maybe your photo could be used to influence someone else’s decision to do the same!  And, don’t forget to check out the other submissions at Bayou Grace’s photo gallery.