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Wednesday Why: Enough said!

Shouldn’t this give you enough reasons to save coastal Louisiana?

What are your reasons? Check out the Bayou Grace gallery to view some other submissions. And, if you feel strongly that coastal Louisiana ought to be saved, please participate in Bayou Grace’s project, “Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?” Send submissions to

Wednesday Why: Because It’s Home

Almost two million people call Louisiana’s coastline home. That’s nearly 47% of Louisiana’s overall population! The many customs, culture and other things that Coastal Louisiana has to over are in jeopardy of being lost forever because of landloss. Every 30-38 minutes, a football field of land is being lost which means it gets closer and closer to people’s homes.

Don’t wait to help save Coastal Louisiana! Send us your “Why” today!

Submissions can be sent to And, don’t forget to check out the other submissions at Bayou Grace’s photo gallery.