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Wednesday Why: Safety from the Storm

As we keep an eye on Hurricane Irene, our thoughts go out to all those who have been effected and send good thoughts and wishes to our friends along the East Coast. Stay safe y’all.

What’s your reason for saving our coastal communities? Email your submission to: And, don’t forget to check out the other submissions at Bayou Grace’s photo gallery.

Wednesday Why: Be a Voice for the Wetlands!

October will be here before we know it. And with October in south Louisiana comes one of our favorite festivals–the Voice of the Wetlands Fest.

Voice of the Wetlands was started in 2004 by musician Tab Benoit who was born and raised in the Houma area where the organization holds it’s annual festival on the lovely grounds of the Southdown Plantation.

For over 7 years, Voice of the Wetlands has been fulfilling its mission of preserving and protecting the Louisiana wetlands and coast, not only for the environment, but for the communities who have built their livelihoods off the resources the area has provided for centuries. In those years Voice of the Wetland has learned that all community support and awareness is of the utmost importance.

The VOW team is looking forward to another successful VOW Fest during which they can let people know southern Louisiana is a region that will thrive and progress environmentally, economically and culturally, but they need your help!

The 8th Annual VOW Fest will take place October 7 – 9.  If you are interested in volunteering at this years festival, please email to request a 2011 VOW Volunteer Application.

Bayou Grace knows there’s no better place to be in south Louisiana from October 7-9, so we’ll be there! And if you haven’t told us why you think we should save coastal Louisiana yet, we hope you’ll swing by our booth and let your voice be heard!

Check out the Bayou Grace gallery to view some other submissions, several of which were gathered at last years VOW Fest. And, if you feel strongly that coastal Louisiana ought to be saved, but can’t make it to this years fest, please participate in Bayou Grace’s “Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?” photo project by sending your submission to!

Wednesday Why: Because We Need It!

Why should we save Coastal Louisiana? Simple, because we need it!

Not only do the almost 2 million residents coastal Louisiana need it, the nation as a whole needs it. Why do you think coastal Louisiana should be saved? Remember there isn’t a wrong or right answer. Send your submission to  Who knows, maybe your photo could be used to influence someone else’s decision to do the same!  And, don’t forget to check out the other submissions at Bayou Grace’s photo gallery.

Volunteers Needed

There are several beach sweeps and marsh plantings coming up this month.

August 18th: Elmer’s Island Summer Beach Sweep

August 19th: Elmer’s Island Planting

August 24th & 25th: Fourchon Maratime Ridge Planting

August 26th: St. Bernard Parish Planting along the MRGO

If interested, please contact Diane at (985) 594-5350 or for more details.

Wednesday Why: Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone!

Many people depend on coastal Louisiana for its natural resources including the seafood industry. Did you know that Louisiana is the top producer of seafood in the lower 48? If our estuaries collapse due to land loss or some other environmental catastrophe, so do our fisheries.

That’s just  one of the important reasons to save coastal Louisiana, but there are countless others. What’s your reason for saving coastal Louisiana? Email your submission to: And, don’t forget to check out the other submissions at Bayou Grace’s photo gallery.