Our Mission:

Bayou Grace addresses the most critical and immediate needs of residents of the 5 Bayous in Lower Terrebonne Parish, LA to give renewed strength to the community and to mobilize residents in advocacy for the environmental health of their communities.

The 5 Bayous:

Bayou Grace serves the rural, largely minority populations in sourthern Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana. The 5 Bayou Communities include:

  • Bayou Point-aux-Chenes— Pointe-aux-Chenes, LA
  • Bayou Terrebonne—Montegut, LA
  • Bayou Petit Caillou—Chauvin, Robinson Canal and Cocodrie, LA
  • Bayou Grand Caillou—Dulac, LA
  • Bayou Dularge—Dularge & Theriot, LA

Community Facts:

Coastal land loss and erosion is a daily reality for many of those who live in the 5 Bayou communities.

  • The unprecedented rate of unnatural land loss in the 5 Bayous affects people’s homes, their hopes, goals, and outlooks on their own lives.
  • For many in the 5 Bayous, the daily reality of unnatural land loss and erosion means living in a constant state of recovery and/or anticipating the next flood, be it from tropical storms, hurricanes, or even high tides.
  • Unnatural land loss and erosion in the 5 Bayous and the rest of the Coastal Louisiana is NOT inevitable.
  • Since Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustave and Ike there is an unprecedented opportunity for Coastal Restoration and Protection for the 5 Bayous and the rest of Coastal Louisiana.

Environmental Outreach and Volunteer Program:

The Bayou Grace Environmental Outreach program is designed to build public awareness regarding the coastal land loss, restoration and protection issues facing southern Louisiana. Through a hands-on approach to education, the Environmental Outreach program utilizes partnerships to foster stewardship in the bayou communities.

Bayou Grace offers out-of-town and local volunteer groups the opportunity to affect the environmental health of the 5 Bayous, as well as the opportunity to help local residents recover from recent disasters. Volunteer groups may participate in restorative marsh plantings, invasive species removal, native species gardening,   debris clean-up, and other activities to promote the health of our estuary.

Both locally and nationally, Bayou Grace offers thought-provoking presentations that not only increase understanding and awareness of the problems facing coastal Louisiana but the solutions as well. In addition, the Environmental Outreach program encourages participants to become advocates for coastal Louisiana in their own communities. Contact Bayou Grace to schedule a volunteer opportunity or a presentation in your community!

Community Development & Outreach:

The Bayou Grace Team works to create active partnerships among area leaders, organizations, schools, and other grassroots organizers. These partnerships not only help address the most critical needs, but make each of our programs and activities as engaging and successful as possible. Focus areas for outreach include Community Wellness, Environmental Outreach, Education, and Distribution. Results of this programs include providing hurricane relief supplies, connecting residents with medical equipment and supplies, providing support in filing for federal disaster assistance, organizing children’s and family health fairs, and organizing health and wellness educational trips for local community members.

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