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Wednesday Why: For Ms. Effie and All Our Wonderful Community Leaders

Wed. Why Miss Effie

For any of you who know Ms. Effie, you know that she and so many others are committed to giving back to their communities and improving the quality of life for everyone.  But, she can’t do it alone!  We need the help and support of the nation to make sure we have a stable environment, our foundation, to get out and do good work on!

How can you help save coastal Louisiana?  Educate others by sending us your why at  photoproject@bayougrace.org.

Wednesday Why: Because This is Home

Did you know that nearly eighty percent of the current residents of Louisiana are native born residents?  This is the highest rate of any state in the nation. Where we live, work and play is part of our identity. Sustaining our culture is dependent on saving our coast. Let’s preserve this beautiful way of life so that future generations can appreciate and understand how precious coastal Louisiana is!

What’s your reason for saving coastal Louisiana? Remember there isn’t a wrong or right answer. Send your submission to photoproject@bayougrace.org. Who knows, maybe your photo could be used to influence someone else’s decision to do the same! And, don’t forget to check out the other submissions at Bayou Grace’s photo gallery.

Celebration, Motivation, RESTORATION!

Bayou Grace’s “Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?” exhibit opening at the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum will kick off at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 8 with a celebration of coastal Louisiana and the many reasons we’ve documented why we must save coastal Louisiana.  This free community event will feature food, music, folk art, tou lou lou races, information, a silent auction, and the opportunity for you to add your voice to the hundreds of others who’ve answered the question, “Why should we save coastal Louisiana?”

One of the reception highlights is a musical performance by acclaimed Louisiana musician and coastal restoration advocate Zachary Richard.  Zachary’s performance begins at 7:00 inside the Waterlife Museum.  Contact the Bayou Grace office at 985-594-5350 or email bayougrace@bayougrace.org to reserve your seat for this very special performance.

This event is part of the annual Art After Dark event sponsored by the Terrebonne Fine Arts Guild, so downtown Houma will be a great place to be this Saturday.  Merci Beaucoup to the Houma Regional Arts Council for helping to sponsor this event.

Wednesday Why: Show Your Southern Hospitality

No doubt that the folks of coastal Louisiana are a friendly lot and know how to make visitors feel welcome. With the coming of Spring, so come our wonderful volunteers from around the country spending their Spring Break and vacation time with us learning about the national importance of coastal Louisiana and working hard to help us restore and protect our treasure. Our volunteers always enjoy meeting and sharing stories and experiences with the friendly folks on the bayou. If you’d like to join our volunteers in their adventures or would just like to spend some time with them sharing your stories and love for the bayou, please let us know. Give us a call at 985-594-5350 or send an email to diane@bayougrace.org. Thanks, ya’ll!

If you’d like to join the hundreds of participants who’ve answered the question, “Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?”, send your submission to photoproject@bayougrace.org. And don’t forget to check out our gallery of photo-project submissions.

Wednesday Why: We Matter, Too!

“Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?”

According to the Louisiana DNR,  over “2 million residents, which equals more than 47% of the state’s population
according to U.S. Census estimates,  lived in Louisiana’s coastal parishes, in 2006.” The 2010 Census reflects that those parishes are still growing. More people are moving to coastal Louisiana!!

There are more than two million residents who live in coastal Louisiana. Don’t their voices deserve to be heard? Aren’t their culture, traditions, and heritage worth preserving?

They matter.

Their lives and livelihoods matter.

Help us tell the nation that those people matter!

That’s one important reason to save coastal Louisiana, but there are numerous more. What’s your reason for saving coastal Louisiana? Email your submission to: photoproject@bayougrace.org.

Wednesday Why: To Save the Unique Culture and Heritage

“Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?”

These are only four (of many) submissions that highlight the idea that southern Louisiana has a culture and heritage that is unlike any other in the world. Have you tried some of the amazing and creative Cajun food like gumbo, boiled seafood, jambalaya, crawfish,  or some étouffée?  The music and Cajun history has impacted the United States in unmeasurable ways. And the dialect and self-sustaining lifestyles of the Cajun people are worthy of respect. This unique way of life and the Cajun heritage are in danger of washing away with the eroding and subsiding land. Help us save this amazing livelihood before it’s gone forever.

Preserving the Cajun culture and heritage is one reason to save coastal Louisiana. There are numerous more. Check out the Bayou Grace gallery to view some other submissions. And, if you feel strongly that coastal Louisiana ought to be saved, please participate in Bayou Grace’s project, “Why Should We Save Coastal Louisiana?” Send submissions to photoproject@bayougrace.org!