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Wednesday Why: For Ms. Effie and All Our Wonderful Community Leaders

Wed. Why Miss Effie

For any of you who know Ms. Effie, you know that she and so many others are committed to giving back to their communities and improving the quality of life for everyone.  But, she can’t do it alone!  We need the help and support of the nation to make sure we have a stable environment, our foundation, to get out and do good work on!

How can you help save coastal Louisiana?  Educate others by sending us your why at  photoproject@bayougrace.org.

Wednesday Why: Because This is Home

Did you know that nearly eighty percent of the current residents of Louisiana are native born residents?  This is the highest rate of any state in the nation. Where we live, work and play is part of our identity. Sustaining our culture is dependent on saving our coast. Let’s preserve this beautiful way of life so that future generations can appreciate and understand how precious coastal Louisiana is!

What’s your reason for saving coastal Louisiana? Remember there isn’t a wrong or right answer. Send your submission to photoproject@bayougrace.org. Who knows, maybe your photo could be used to influence someone else’s decision to do the same! And, don’t forget to check out the other submissions at Bayou Grace’s photo gallery.