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Wednesday Why: Preserving Tradition

03 06 13 WWHeidi, a talented artist who grew up in Chauvin, knows how important it is on the bayou to pass down traditions and shared experiences. If we continue to lose land at the rate that we have been over the last 80 years, it is doubtful that our young people will be able to pass these important experiences on to their children and grandchildren. The good news is that we can save coastal Louisiana if we work together.

If you want to get involved in working towards restoration and protection of our beloved coastal communities and ensure that future generations can throw cast nets and catch crabs and collect shells and paddle pirouges, let us know.

You can also send your Why to photoproject@bayougrace.org and check out our Why gallery.

Wednesday Why: The Wetlands Need Our Voice

We are looking forward to raising up our voices for our beloved wetlands this weekend at the Voice of the Wetlands Festival. The festivities kick off this Friday evening and continue through the weekend at the Southdown Plantation in Houma. Come out for some soulful bayou music, terrific food and a guaranteed good time with friends, family and community members who want to save our wetlands for future generations. Swing by our booth to tell the nation why you think we should save coastal Louisiana! If you can’t make it in person, email your why to photoproject@bayougrace.org.